Every year, the Association of European Development Finance Institutions (EDFIs) produces a consolidated analysis of the activity of its members. We present below the results of the study on technical assistance which ten institutions contributed to: BIO (Belgium), CDC (UK), COFIDES (Spain), DEG (Germany), FMO (Netherlands), IFU (Denmark), Norfund (Norway), OeEB (Austria), Proparco (France) and Swedfund (Sweden).

Source: EDFI, Comparative Analysis 2020, July 2021


The budget for technical assistance has doubled in Europe since 2014

In 2020, the consolidated budget for technical assistance of the ten European DFIs reached €48m, an increase of €17m compared to 2019.



Large number of projects in 2020

The momentum initiated a few years ago continued to gather pace last year. The total amount for technical assistance (TA) projects in 2020, including undisbursed commitments, stood at €38.4m for 419 projects.



Africa the main beneficiary of technical assistance programs

Last year, there were 153 technical assistance projects in Africa, for a total amount of €16m, followed by Asia, with €9m and 104 projects.



Financial sector strengthened its pole position

In 2020, there were 152 projects in the financial sector, for a total amount of €16m. Infrastructure and services completed this sectoral podium with 73 and 44 projects, respectively.


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