In developing countries, companies and financial institutions often need assistance for implementing their projects and improving their practices, especially their environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices. In addition to its financial support, Proparco has been providing technical assistance services to its clients for over ten years. In 2020, it grouped all its programs under a single label: Propulse.

Source : Proparco


Generating more positive development impacts

Propulse’s technical assistance services aim to support the responsible practices and innovative initiatives of the private sector. This increases the impact of Proparco’s investments on local development.




Making companies greener, more inclusive and more efficient

Proparco aims to provide expertise and know-how tailored to its clients’ needs. With its Propulse range of services, it helps develop their strategies and practices and supports their commitment to innovation and performance.



With the launch of Propulse in 2020, Proparco has scaled up its TA services

To meet the capacity building needs of its clients more effectively, Proparco has allocated new resources to its technical assistance services. The objective is to further diversify its operating methods.



Propulse in 2020



Deployment of Propulse services by geographical area



All the technical assistance projects signed in 2020 are “Impact” projects